The Typewriter

There is a typewriter in my office. Yes, a real one. It works and everything. Actually, it’s one of the later models of typewriters–electric. (but not the kind with the screen where you could type like four lines of text before it actually went to the paper) Sometimes I have to use it and recently I have really enjoyed it. I have become familiar with the sound of the keyboard on my computer and even more familiar with the sound of my laptop at home. And then, I turn on the typewriter, slip in a piece of paper, and I’m…writing. The click of the keys, the need for correction tape, watching all the mistakes I make when I type pile up…it’s almost magical! I don’t know what it is about the keys, the sound, the DING at the end of a line. More thought goes in to what I type there. I’m slower and more deliberate, because making a mistake takes so much longer to correct. In fact, I’m not even sure we have the means to correct any mistakes made on that machine here. At least, none that I have come across during the great office move. Because it is harder, you have to take your time and really enjoy the moment. And even though the things I use it for (making offering envelopes, labels, the random form) are not that exciting, I get excited to use it. I LIKE IT, OKAY! 🙂 I am a dork, and I am okay with that. If the typewriter in the corner of my office can inspire me, then so be it. I am inspired.