Sometimes something happens and you don’t know how to put into words the experience. Sometimes it’s good…and sometimes it’s bad. this time, it was of the bad variety.

On wednesday evening, Tim and I were going to KFC for dinner. We were stopped at a stoplight, sitting behind the stop-line and minding our own business. Suddenly there is an accident in the intersection in front of us. A 2000 Chevy Tracker tries to turn left in front of an 83 cadillac. The cadillac hits the Tracker and sends it spinning…right into tim and I. Yeah, instead of it just colliding with Tim’s Grand Prix and bouncing away, the tracker somehow gets airborne enough to end up on the top of Tim’s hood and goes crashing into his windshield. Crack. Crack. Crack. Here comes a tracker through the windshield. Then it stopped it’s momentum and fell on it’s side. I’ll be honest with you, dear reader…I was terrified to look over at Tim, the man I love. I was afraid of what I would see. I was afraid he would be there, bloody and unconscious. Instead, he looked over at me wild eyed and made sure I was okay. We crawled out the door and made sure everyone was okay. Amazingly, there were no real injuries. Tim had a couple scratches on his hands from the glass everywhere, but other than that, everyone seemed fine.

It’s a strange thing to be in an accident and not know at all what happened or really what to do next. We were just sitting there. IF there was ever a person not responsible for an accident, it would be Tim in this accident. So right now we’re playing the waiting game. His car is either at the tow place (Extreme towing in bloomington) or at Wilson’s body shop. Either way, we’re not sure yet whether or not it’s going to be totaled out. I hope not. I know Tim hopes not. He loves his car, and he treats it great, so he didn’t ‘deserve’ this to happen to him. And if he somehow ends up having to pay for another car or do something of the sort, even though he did NOTHING wrong, it will be really hard to swallow. You know?

Not a lot else. It’s been a rough week for Tim. And, because I love him, it has been a rough week for me.