Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m going a little crazy without him. Tim left on Saturday morning to go to Mexico for a week and I haven’t spoken to him since he touched down in San Diego around 1:00 that afternoon. I know it’s silly and I know I should be able to function completely normally without him for a week, but the fact of the matter is…I don’t WANT to. I want him to be here. I want to miss him. I want to whisper that I love him and hold him close. I know that it is so selfish of me, and I’m working on that. I do want him to have a great time. I hope it is a fruitful and growing experience. I hope and pray that he’s safe and healthy and feeling close to God. I hope he’s getting all the video that he needs to make a great piece. I pray that he feels my love and knows that I am praying so hard for him. He’ll be home around 4:30 on Saturday and we’re going to head to Mt. Pleasant to go to church and then back home. I’m counting down the days, but my heart is anxious. I don’t think anything will change while he’s gone, but of course I had dreams that said just the opposite last night.

I think as long as I live, I will never understand dreams. There’s a Chris Rice song that says something about when he gets to heaven, he’ll have a million questions for God and one of them will be why we dream and what they mean. I’m with him on that one. Cinderella says “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” but I’m not buying that one at all. I’m thinking that a dream is something completely different. Thoughts?