I love this man…

There are a million little things a person can do to tell you that they love you.  For me, Tim did something very special that he may not even realize (at least not until he reads this).  My good good friend Annie is getting married in October.  October 2, to be exact.  In Yarmouth Port/West Dennis Massachusetts.  I want nothing more than to be there for her wedding.  I haven’t seen her in forever, but I love her dearly.  Now, going to Cape Cod for the weekend isn’t exactly something that is cheap to do.  My mom has offered to help out with some money, but it will still cost us a little to get there, and do our thing.  He had agreed to go, which already made me really excited.  Then, after church 2 Sundays ago, he finds me in the Worship Center and says he has something he wants to show me at his desk…


He’d been doing some research….and had found plane tickets into New York City for under 120 bucks each.  So, he had then planned not just the wedding trip, but a great weekend getaway for the 2 of us.  New York on Friday, train to Connecticut, pick up the rental car, drive to the Cape.  Saturday is driving around the cape (New England in the fall!!) and the wedding.  Sunday we’ll drive around New England some more.  Monday we’ll drop the car off and head back into New York.  Our plane home leaves that night.  I am SOOOO excited and I am so blown away that he cares for me. 


The moral of the story:  He knew going to annie’s wedding was important to me.  He knew that I really wanted to have him there…and so he made it happen.  He is amazing.  July 31 is our 1 year anniversary.  It’s been the best year of my life.


Tim, if you’re reading this, I love you more every moment.

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