The Miracle of Friendship

I was reminded of something last night that I have often taken for granted–true friendships are real and rare.  I have just a handful of people in my life that I know I can count on when the world comes crashing down; I won’t name them here…they know who they are.  They are the men and women in my life that have experienced impossible joys and tragic lows and were still able to bring a smile to my face as they wipe away my tears.  These are the people that are so genuine, so completely real in who they are that I do not question them.  I know that their obsessions with shoes and music and the 80’s and books and games and everything else is 100% their identity.  I know their faith is real and I know they believe in the power of love and friendship in ways that the world does not understand.  These are the people that do nothing but hold my hand and cry with me as I tell a room full of Venezuelan people my testimony.  These are the people that make me laugh until my sides hurt and who look at me and see the person I am working to become instead of the person I am currently.  They are the people that love the fact that sometimes I talk a million miles a minute and sometimes I have nothing more to say.  They are the people that will rub my feet until I fall asleep and then sneak out of the room.  They are the people who embrace me and love me and cherish every moment we get to spend together.  They are the people that know I hate making decisions but know the exact right thing to say to make me realize I’ve already made it; just not acknowledged it. 

I have people in my life who have come and gone; some have lingered maybe too long, some were a part all too fleetingly…but there is the tried and true, the ones I will still be laughing with when we get to go Home.  And that is the miracle of friendship.