A Bunch of Random Thoughts…

I am not sure I am quite awake enough to write a ‘real’ blog entry, so here is a bunch of random thoughts to tide you over…if anyone cares to read them!

I finally finished a freelance project that i had on my plate WAY too long. It feels good to be done, like there is a weight lifted off my shoulders. For every one thing I get done, I am able to focus more on what is currently going on in my little world.

Most of my free time these days has been consumed with prep for a new theatre production I am a part of. It’s been a great experience – emotional, powerful, draining, daring, and all those other words all rolled up into one. We’re coming up on the last few days of rehearsals before the shows begin. We’ll be here in Bloomington and in Indy at the Fringe Fest. If you’re interested in seeing the show, contact me and I’ll let you know a little more about it. Trust me, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen me in.

I joined the jazzercise craze here at church. I’ve only gone a couple times (and because of the above-referenced play will not be able to go a lot for the next several weeks) and really enjoy it. We’ll see – hopefully it will help me lose this weight, be healthier, and be more confident in myself. Plus, my good friend Tessa is teaching the class, so that makes me want to go to support her even more!

My mom, step-dad and brother are on vacation this week. They went to a national paintball tournament and then to Niagara Falls. I know I’m grown up now and do my own vacation thing, but it’s still strange to think of them gone without me! Sometimes growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I’ve also been catching up on my reading. So far in the last few weeks I’ve read: “The Shack,” “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” “The Third Option,” and “The Next Thing on My List.” Right now I am reading “My Year of Living Biblically.” It’s definitely interesting and worth the read!

And that’s about all that’s going on in my world…

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  1. You know I’m happy to be sweating with you! Can’t go tonight, but I’ll be there Thurs. Surely our new jazzercizing life doesn’t change our plans for chocolate nachos one of these days, though, does it?!I just read A Thousand Splendid Suns as well. And the Shack earlier this summer. Now I’m reading Night by Elie Wiesel; have you read it?

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