Adventures in Writing


I’m usually, at best, a sporadic blogger. I have the best of intentions, but those seem to fall by the wayside as my real, and very busy, life takes over. Then, I get discouraged because I haven’t created the online community I dream of having and I feel like no one reads my blog.

so….I’ve joined Jeff Goins in a 31 day blogging challenge to make my blog an intentional part of my life. Over the next 30 days, I will be blogging about the stuff I love and the stuff that makes me tick. I will be challenging my readers to share their stories and encourage other bloggers trying to make a name for themselves in this same journey.

Look for blogs from me like:

  • Make a Difference Monday – #madmlinkup – it’s pretty much the only blog I’m guaranteed to do every week
  • Writing what you know…and what you don’t know.
  • Book reviews
  • Book to movie adaption reviews – spoiler – there are very few good ones
  • Creating online community
  • Surprises galore!

I’m looking forward to the challenge. I think it will be a healthy way for me to be disciplined about writing regularly and will stretch my creative side a little more. My friend Chris Holmes recently published a book of encouragement and posts updates on his facebook page and blog regularly. As I was thinking about whether or not to do this challenge, this was what he posted last night:

…and that pretty much sums up my writing life to this point. It’s time to be intentional and do something about it. So, here’s to 31 days of adventures in writing!