An Update

I would like to thank everyone who has been keeping my mom in their prayers these last several weeks. She has been to numerous doctors and specialists, and, after a few moments of uncertainty, they have decided that she will not have to go through Chemo. That is a huge relief and very exciting for all of us as the whole word “chemo” scares us a little more than it probably should.

She is doing well and trying to keep her spirits high. She is tired of being poked and prodded, but knows that it is all needed. Last night she told me that sometimes she just wants to pull the covers over her head, block out the world, and stay in bed. Her doctor told her that was okay and that she would probably have days like that. His advise? She should pull the covers up over her head and stay in bed.

The radiation will start soon. She is going to be on a drug two times a day for five years, but they think they got all the cancer (thank God…literally).

Through this all she has proven time and again how strong of a woman she is. She’s amazing and she’s beautiful. I love her. You would love her to, I guarantee it!