Apparently, I’m Old

Yesterday afternoon I got the mail out of the mailbox as I do most days. I shuffled through the junk mail and support checks for our missionary friends, only to find something strange. A letter from the AARP – addressed to me.

Curious, I opened it up. Yup, there it was. My AARP membership card….21 Years EARLY! (I will scan the card tonight and add it to this post as proof).

So, apparently the aching back and sore muscles I have are not a result of my working out, but instead of my advanced age of which I was previously unaware….


  1. Well just to cheer you up let me tell you that this week I discovered that I am the OLDEST mom of my kids neighborhood friends. I was loving this neighborhood but now I think I may need to move to a nice retirement community so that I can still be the young kid in the group. WEll, off I go to buy myself some support hose.

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