Awkward & Awesome Thursday: The Back Pain Edition



  • Taking a nap and waking up unable to move due to back pain. Exactly when did I become an old lady?
  • Fighting the urge to drive to another gas station JUST because the one I stopped at this morning didn’t have the pebble ice I prefer.
  • The amount of work still left to do this week, and it’s already Thursday.
  • Plugging my earphones into my iPad and not realizing that apparently made iTunes start running on its own. And then freaking out because I couldn’t figure out where the music I was hearing was coming from…
  • Scheduling two dr appointments in the same day.


  • Still being able to see 4+ years after Lasik. So glad I did it and so glad my vision is stable!
  • Finally being able to move a little more freely after lots of ice, rest and a visit to the chiropractor!
  • Writing a review for a new review site. Just a guest post, but felt good to do again.
  • Finally being able to wear sweatshirts to work!
  • Realizing how awesome my life is and how great the people in it are, even during the most stressful/painful days.