Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Both awkward & awesome, don’t you think?

One of my absolute favorite features of my friend Sarah’s blog is her “Awkward & Awesome Thursday” posts. They’re fun, irreverent and startlingly honest. I love her so much and I love that she is real on her blog; admitting the mess ups/frustrations of the week and the highlights, as well. So, I’m totally stealing her meme and copying 🙂 So, here is my very first Awkward & Awesome Thursday post!


  • The number of times I had to backup while trying to type the word awkward. It’s very appropriately spelled, don’t you think?
  • Starting to swim at the Y. Bathing suit, ear plugs, goggles…not pretty at all, but necessary.
  • Also awkward, how little swimming I was able to do. Can we say OUT OF SHAPE??
  • Getting emotional in a meeting where it was totally unnecessary. Hopefully no one really noticed.


  • Having three theme days on my blog this week. I hope I can keep them up. It feels good to be doing some writing!
  • Spending time with my sweet friend Erica last night. Seriously deep conversation, lots of laughter and just feeling like I was hanging out with a sister.
  • Madi having a good vet appointment. I worry a lot about her, and it’s good to know she’s in good health.
  • Getting all my fall thirty-one goodies! I love new bags and purses!

So, I have to ask? What has been awkward or awesome in your world this week? 


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