Book Review: Illusions of Fate

Illusions of FateIf you’ve read many of my reviews, you know that I love Kiersten White. She first captured my imagination with the Paranormalcy series, books that were full of laughter, light and humor in a time when I was reading Dystopian after Dystopian after Dystopian and definitely needed a change!

Since then, she has created other amazing worlds with her other books (The Chaos of Stars, Mind Games, Perfect Lies) and Illusions of Fate is no different. Set in a world that reminds me of the beauty and sophistication of a Jane Austen novel, Illusions of Fate is the story of aristocracy, magic and intrigue as Jessamin tries to be an independent women in the middle of a world that makes her feel like she is nothing important and nothing special. What Jessamin doesn’t expect is to meet Finn, a young man of some means who is also hiding a dark secret: the ruling classes of Jessamin’s world has strength’s and powers that she could have never imagined. Caught between the world she knew and the world that in unfolding before her, Jessamin must find within herself the power to save those she loves.

White is one of my favorite YA writers for many reasons and Illusions of Fate highlights many of those reasons: she never writes down to readers, she challenges the typical character roles of women and men, she’s creative, collaborative and a true joy to read. Each world that White creates is fully developed and realized. The world of Illusions of Fate is full of mystery and dynamic characters that leap off the page. Illusions of Fate is a fun, quick read that satisfies the imagination.