Book Review: The Simplicity Project & The Purposeful Planner

Simplicity ProjectI haven’t shared my 2015 “Word” yet, but that’s coming this week. It’s not Simplicity, but maybe it should be. I ordered this book, along with Corie’s fabulous Purposeful Planner, as an early Christmas gift for myself. Corie is a member of an online community that I have been an off-and-on member of for a couple years. She’s active, and she’s chasing her dreams in giant ways. For that reason alone I wanted to support her. Her content just made it that much easier.

The Simplicity Project is about taking practical steps to eliminate clutter and chaos in your life. I don’t love clutter, but it seems to love me. I feel like sometimes I just move the piles from one spot to another. I have bags inside bags inside bags of “stuff to go through someday.” I have more clothes than I ever wear. I have STUFF.

Reading through The Simplicity Project isn’t going to change your life in that it’s full of information you’ve probably heard before. But, what is going to change you is the way that Corie insists of working through the clutter with a plan, in small manageable chunks that make no task seem too hard or impossible.

Then, Corie took all the benefits and insight of The Simplicity Project and created The Purposeful Planner, a tool to help you organize all areas of your life, from your finances to the stuff that is just running around in your brain that needs to be let out. The Purposeful Planner is sold out already for 2015, and that doesn’t surprise me one bit. Twenty-six days into using mine and I’m hooked. Every day has little tasks, big tasks, a schedule, a place to track healthy choices, and even a place to just let dream. My Purposeful Planner is helping me see every moment of my day as practical and useful, without it feeling overwhelming. I love them both!

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