Book Review: Welcome to Night Vale

Sometimes I read (or listen to a book), and a seemingly innocuous statement will be said. 99% of the world will hear it, acknowledge that it is worth considering, and then go on with their lives.

Then, there is me. I hear something. Stop reading. Write it down. Ponder it. Try to start reading again. Ponder more.

The above scenario happened several times as I was listening to Welcome to Night Vale. I am familiar with the podcast, and love the random insanity that is Night Vale. The book is the best of the podcast with a longer story around the familiar voice of Cecil and the cast of characters I’ve grown to love.

Welcome to Night Vale doesn’t presuppose that people who pick up the book are familiar with the podcast. Instead, they give enough background that you feel like you have all the history you need to know to enjoy the story as it’s being told.

Welcome to Night Vale is imaginative, fun and just a good laugh. Then, there are sentences like the one in the graphic above and you realize that the goofiness of Night Vale hides the deeper truths that can only be revealed when reality is somewhat turned on its head.

“The problem with fair questions is that they’re asked of an unfair world.” That’s something to really think about, you know? The world is not fair, not at all. It’s complicated and difficult, but it’s not fair. We want it to be fair, but we know that fairness is usually not part of the equation. It’s a simple statement in the middle of a silly story, but it resonated.

If you’re looking for a good, fun story that might just make you think more than you planned, I highly recommend Welcome to Night Vale.