By the Numbers

A run down of my day, in numbers, but no particular order…

82-the number of steps I take between my desk and the nearest bathroom (one way)

4-the number of times I’ve had to use the bathroom today

2-the number of the stall in the above mentioned bathroom I always use

48-the number of hours until my friend Annie is a married woman

36-the number of hours until I’m sitting at an airport waiting to get on a plane to New York

6740-the number of inactive people just sitting in our church database

7-the number of hearts on the necklace I wear every day

12-the number of years between Cameron and myself

4-the number of notes being played wrong by the person playing the saxophone downstairs

57-the number of cars in the funeral procession I got behind on my way to the bank this afternoon.

26-the number of years rene has been alive as of today

8-the number of times I will have gone downstairs to deliver pieces of paper to people today

14-the number of months Tim and I have been together, as of tomorrow

20,000-the approximate number of characters in “Power of State,” the book I am working on writing.

28-the number of junk emails I have received while sitting at my desk today

10-the number of work hours before vacation

1-the number of hours before the day is over for me