Days of Rest


Sunday afternoons are my favorite.

Sunday mornings are busy with church work, volunteer responsibilities and a busy spouse.

But Sunday afternoons?

They are for naps.

They are for catching up on family time.

They are for enjoying each other.

They are for football.

They are for playing games.

They are for naps (wait, I already said that).

We don’t take enough time to rest. At least I know I don’t. One of my twitter friends said something the other day about how she didn’t understand how “just” working 45ish hours a week could keep a person busy. So I started thinking about my days and naming my minutes and hours. Work is just one piece of the puzzle. I am busy. We all are busy. Probably too busy.

So on Sundays, I try to remember to rest. I don’t go to the grocery. I don’t go shopping after we get home. I put on my pajama pants and I rest.

We watch TV.

We watch a movie.

We rest.

We walk Madison.

I read.

I write.

Rest makes me ready for the next week. Rest makes me recalibrate my inner engine to a slower speed. Rest makes me a better person.

How about you?