Defined by the Ordinary

“The expected is just the beginning, the unexpected is what changes our lives.”
-Grey’s Anatomy

I used to quote television shows all the time. I don’t do it nearly as much anymore, but there was something about the above quote that really stirred something in my heart. I can look back over my life and see where the expected was just the beginning of something so much bigger.

…going to work about four years ago and meeting the new media intern was expected.
….falling in love with him was unexpected and changed everything. He’s now my husband.

…going to college after high school was expected.
….meeting people that would forever impact my life was the unexpected.

…making new friends in college was expected.
…meeting the friend that would just get me without having to work at it was unexpected.

…not loving the first job I took out of college was expected.
….meeting my perfect foil in a person even though the job sucked was unexpected.

…waking up and facing every new day is expected.
….the curves and twists that we survive is unexpected.

I enjoy the expected parts of life. The parts that I know are going to happen (or have some sort of inclination will happen). I enjoy knowing the sun will rise and I will get to see my husband first thing in the morning. I enjoy seeing the people I work with and getting through the daily challenges of my job…most of the time! i enjoy going home and relaxing after a long day and I enjoy falling asleep at night.

But the unexpected? That’s what I truly live for. I live for the unexpected challenge of a new opportunity, for the unexpected ways Tim tells me he loves me, for the breath-taking and unexpected moments where God lets me see just a small piece of His plan for me life. I live for the unexpected. The expected is what gets us out of bed. The unexpected is what makes us appreciate every waking moment.

So, here’s to the unexpected!

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  1. Emily!I found you! Shame on you for not telling me about your blog! =) Just kidding of course. Seriously though, what a super post! I’m going to start thinking of some expected/unexpected things in my life. Keep watching my blog…I may post ’em. 😉 Thanks for reading and remembering us and praying. Things are pretty good here.Love,Joni

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