Digging Deep

I am part of an acting project now that I can already tell is going to stretch me as an actor, and probably as a person. It’s something I agreed to do back in March, and am still glad I am a part of…and am amazed at the depth it’s going to pull me to, and quickly.

I haven’t had to do a lot of theater that asked me to think about what I think and why I think the way I do. I haven’t done much acting that requires me to get in touch with the emotions hiding deep inside me. I haven’t done much that makes me want to scream one minute and cry the next. I haven’t been part of something that makes me a little uncomfortable, but i still believe in deeply.

I haven’t said much about it here, because it’s hard to describe. It’s hard to put into words without them coming out all wrong, because it’s deep. And hard. And a little controversial, I’m sure.

I do know that it is going to stretch me both as an actor and as a person, and for that I am grateful. I just hope I can live up to their expectations of what I can do!