E is for Exotic

As I was growing up, there was an exotic animal rescue not far from my house (like less than 2 miles). I only went there once or twice, thought of it as kind a strange thing to exist in my little hometown, and honestly didn’t think about it much at all.

Fast forward a few years; my mom got involved at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, and I started to learn more about the exotic animals that they house. Tigers, lions, bears, chimps…all rescued from a life that didn’t treat them with the awe and reverence they deserve. These are animals that were pets, performers, and the like. Animals that were not allowed to be wild, and cannot live in the wild again.

I have fallen in love with Black Pine and all the animals and staff that keep the Sanctuary open. They do it on a small budget with big hearts and a lot of sacrifice. I’ve been closer to tigers and lions than I ever thought possible. I have learned that, no matter what, they are not safe, but they are awesome. Their exotic nature should not make them sought-after pets. They should be given dignity.

For more about Black Pine’s Mission and how you can help, go here.