Enduring Faithfulness

In the midst of the pain and sadness of yesterday, I was reminded of God’s enduring faithfulness and love. He was right here with me all day. During my tears and my sadness and my apathy, He held me close. I had one prayer yesterday. I was supposed to go fishing with Tim and Ken Mitchell, a good friend and my ‘spiritual dad.’ We were also supposed to get thunderstorms all day. So I prayed that from just 4-7 yesterday it would be clear so we could go fishing, because I needed to do something fun to get my mind off of all the sadness. I had never really been fishing before, either, so I wanted it to be a good experience.

It’s just a little thing in the whole scheme of the world. But, as storms blew in from everywhere, for three hours last night on Lake Monroe, it was still. We fished, talked, relaxed, and had a great time. I caught four fish! Thunder rumbled and a few drops of rain fell, but the weather held. We pulled up to the dock and go the boat cover on the boat at 7:15…and then it rained hard, stormed hard. In His love and compassion for one hurting girl, I am convinced that God held the storms as I prayed He would. It may seem a silly thing, a little thing…but to me, it was God’s way of saying that He was right there, listening and loving.

Thank you to everyone yesterday. You made a hard day a little brighter. I love you all.