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I don’t have the creative juices flowing enough today to actually come up with a witty title that will encompass everything this post could be about, so we’ll just leave it at “enter title.”

The last few days have been interesting, to say the least. I have spent most of the week feeling tired and under the weather as I had to deal with some ‘issues.’ (which shall not be written about here – if you want to know, email and ask!) That led to a very hard week of dieting, over 1/2 of it being on a liquid diet and 1/2 of it wanting to eat any and everything I could get my hands on. So, we’ll see what it all evens out to tomorrow…

Work is both crazy and confusing right now. Between people leaving, transitions, and new job responsibilities, there is so much going on…and I don’t know what to talk about first.

Life is just…wow.

My friends jason and amy had their second son on Monday. he is adorable, and his parents and big brother are all so excited to finally meet him (along with everyone who knows and loves the family). it’s such a joy to share in even a small part of someone’s happiness like that. Welcome to the world, baby Austin. Know you are loved and cherished by so many already!

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