For the Love of books that Matter


It seems fitting to end my (unintentional) blogging hiatus for this book.

Months and months ago I was honored to be asked to be on the launch team for the new Jen Hatmaker book, For the Love. I’ve loved Jen from her blog, her TV show and her books. She’s challenging and real, while still making me laugh and smile may way through the ups and downs of life.

For the Love is, by far, the best book Hatmaker has ever written. Simultaneously hysterical and touching, For the Love is the book that will make you laugh at the craziness of life and then cry out in sorrow at the duplicity of the world.

Unlike Hatmaker’s previous writings, For the Love is a series of essays about what it means to love, to laugh, to follow, to lead…to be human and vulnerable and challenged and hurting all at once. For the Love reminds the reader on every page that life is not one thing. Life is not exclusively full of joy, nor is it full of nothing but sorrow. Life is not always serious and not always funny. Life is not about winning or being right, it’s about being real and giving love. Life is about the mystery of tomorrow and the long-standing promise that God has not, will not, give up on you.

Full of easy to remember quotes, the lessons from For the Love quickly become part of your vocabulary. For months I’ve been talking about kicking things #offthebeam and soon all my friends will know what that means! But, don’t be fooled into thinking For the Love is all serious and no fun. One minute Jen is reminding us that our true purpose is to love well and the next she’s lamenting the recent trend of leggings being worn as pants and thanking coffee for being her soulmate.

For the Love is a book you won’t regret reading. It will challenge and inspire. You’ll cry tears of laughter and want to go into the world and change it. You will call your girlfriends and hold them close. You will become a champion of your tribe.

More than anything, you will be changed.

For the Love is available August 18 at your local bookseller, Amazon, B&N and wherever books are sold!