Hello, Stress…

So, a little over two months ago, one of my good friends at work left to take another job. I know he did it for all the right reasons and it sounds like he’s made a great decision for him and his family…but right now, I REALLY wish he was here! He implemented some big changeds before he left, and now he’s gone….and I’m a little freaked out trying to fill his shoes, in even a small way!

Tim and I were discussing it the other night and he said, “Two years ago, who would have thought that Jason leaving would impact your job more than it would mine?” And it’s so true. Two years ago, I didn’t want him to leave, selfishly, because I didn’t want it to throw a bunch more stuff on Tim’s already overflowing plate. But now? The hole he left (and it’s a pretty sizable hole, at least to me) is definitely affecting me more than Tim.

I’m sitting here online, trying to find graphics for a magazine I have NO idea how to graphically do. I’m trying to design something that makes sense, and I feel like a blind person in a dark room. So, I’m a little freaked out. Do I like that people have faith in me? Sure. But wow…this is a lot…and I’m a lot unsure about what to do and how to make it look.

I know it’s a strange blog post, but it’s what is on my heart right now. Hopefully it will turn out looking okay and making sense….

wish me luck!


  1. Silly girl, you’ll do great. You are a HUGE asset to the church and you do a great job at everything you try.You know, Scotty is actually really good at some of that kind of stuff and you know he’d love to help you!!

  2. Interesting that I happen to drop by only moments after my wife.I was going to offer my assistance as well.Graphic-wise, I’ll give you full permission to use any of my artwork from my blog (free of charge).Perhaps the hamster stuck in the tube would work for the cover?(If that thought doesn’t make you giggle at least a little, then your stress level might need to be monitored by professionals. I still have a lab coat.)

  3. Hang in there…you can do it…really. I have watched you for years…nothing enters your path without you conquering making it look sooooo stinkin’ easy. And this will be no different. Let me know if I can help, oh wait, you already did…ugh!

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