Ice, Ice, Sleet, Ice

For the last 36 hours, the news in Indiana has been dominated by one thing and one thing only:  WINTER!  Ice, Snow, Ice, Sleet, Ice…all that good stuff.  Last night, I was prepared for the storm to come in fast and hard; and it didn’t.  In a fit of insanity, I went to the store last night – mostly because I wanted to make quiche for dinner.  Wow.  I have never seen the parking lot of the grocery so full, and I even went to the ghetto Kroger.  Inside was no better – everyone was frantic and a little crazy.  I got my five items, left and never want to EVER have to do that again.  And then…nothing happened, really.  Sure, we woke up this morning with a sheen of ice over everything, but the roads were fine and we made it to work. 

The impending second round sent us home from work early, and not a moment too soon.  It seemed like we had only been home for a few minutes before I looked outside and the yard, driveway and everything was covered in a solid coat of ice!  Yuck!

It wasn’t long ago that I said that maybe winter wasn’t so bad after all…but I’m beginning to regret that statement.  I am exhausted by the darkness and dreariness and the warnings, warning, warnings.  It is just so draining for me. As we sit here tonight, I know many people who don’t have power and have watched trees fall in their yards and close to their homes.  So far we’ve been lucky – power is still on and the DVR is working fine.  They are little victories!!

Who knows what tomorrow holds; but I’m hoping that our power stays on!