It’s Like Reading the Last Page First

Why in the world do I have to know the outcome of every significant olympic event before they are even broadcast? Sometimes the internet is nothing more than a pain in the butt. Yesterday, I flat out did not want to know who won the men’s all-around gymno (and why has gymnastics been shortened to ‘gymno’? It sounds an awful like like gyno…and that’s just not a sport at all!) title. I avoided the internet in the afternoon…covering up headlines to get to the pages and searches that I wanted to see. I listened to a CD on the way to my apartment and avoided the news. Then, I was feeling fat ‘n flabby, which is nothing unusual for me, so I decided to go to the YMCA. I was on the elliptical with my headphones watching ‘house hunters’ or something like that…then i glanced at the other TV because it had on CNN and I wanted to see what was going on in Iraq…and they switched to Olympic coverage and blew it for me!!!! GRRRR!!!! Why do they have to go and ruin the suspense? Annoys the crap out of me, that’s for sure!! To me, it’s like opening a new book and reading the last page first…sure, the rest of the story is still good, but you lose something when you know exactly how it is going to turn out! Anyway, that’s my thought for this morning. Has anyone else experienced the same frustration?