#MADMlinkup: Every Day is a Good Day to Make a Difference


After a few months of participating in this link-up, I’m finding it harder and harder to think of things to write about on a regular basis! So today I thought I would highlight one of my favorite ways to make a difference and be loved on at the same time: cards, notes and words of affirmation.

A few years ago, I was having lunch with my friend Amy. We talked a lot about what it meant to us when people gave us notes and words of encouragement. She shared that, when she was teaching in the public school system, she would keep a folder of those uplifting notes from students, parents and fellow teachers. When she was having a particularly bad/frustrating day, she would then pull those notes out and remember why she was doing this crazy teaching thing in the first place.

I thought she was a little git of a genius in that moment. So, I started doing the same. There is a folder in my desk called “inspiration.” Whenever I get an encouraging card, note or email, it goes in the folder. Below are just a few of the ones I’ve collected throughout the last few years. They are tangible reminders that what I’m doing matters and that I’m where I should be, at least for now.

Inspiration 2Inpsiration 1

Now, notice 99% of them are handwritten notes or cards. That’s important to me. While I enjoy positive emails and blog comments and texts and carry them in my heart, there is something about taking the time to write a quick little note that reminds me that I’m on your heart, even when you’re not at your computer. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little mail that isn’t bills?

As much as I love getting awesome notes in the mail, I also love sending them! If you want some random happy in your inbox, find me on Facebook and DM me your address. 🙂

Do you keep notes of encouragement? Do you send them?