#MADMlinkup: Prioritize your life




Another Monday is here. They seem to come a lot quicker now that I know I have a post I have to write every Monday!

(Yes, It’s Tuesday. I’m a little late this week).

Question: What is the first thing you grab when you wake up in the morning?

If you’re like a lot of people, the answer is probably this: my phone.

I’m guilty of it, too. It seemed like I would barely be awake, looking through bleary eyes at any text messages that came in after I went to bed. I would open, in pretty much this order, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Then I would check my work and personal emails. I would read through the timelines and feeds, catching up on all the news and info of the night, and it would start my day off in one of a few ways:

  • grumpy because something/someone said something that rubbed me the wrong way
  • jealous of some other person and their fun vacation/trip/event
  • anxious because I knew what was coming up for work that day that I hadn’t planned on having to deal with
  • annoyed because people are just annoying sometimes (apologies, but it’s true)
  • self-centered, because all of these social media platforms are somewhat narcissistic in nature

This is how my day would start almost every single day. Three weeks ago, I changed that.

Knowing I would still reach for my phone, I made starting my day in God’s word, prayer and meditation a priority.

Now, when I grab my phone, but the first thing I open is the Jesus Calling devotional app. Yes, to use it more than a week costs about $10. For a book. On a phone you probably paid a lot more than that for and pay a lot more than that to keep. This one-time purchase (even though I already own a hard copy of the book) has made all the difference. Instead of waking up and immediately feeding my need to know everything about everyone’s lives in the past 8 hours, I feed my need to know more about God.

Then, I open up the She Reads Truth app and read that day’s devotion. The app is free, but the devotion plans do have a cost to use the app. The current one on Justice is 13 lessons for $1.99. Again, something I could totally swing (plus $1 of that goes toward helping Justice organizations and more, so really its .99 to read awesome, spirit-filled devotions!) I read through this at least once more during the day, because my first thing in the morning brain isn’t so great sometimes.

Reading these two devotions sets me up for a morning where I can pray when I’m getting ready, think about my day and focus more on others instead of myself. I would be lying if I said I still didn’t check twitter, but only after spending time in the Word and with the One who wrote the words. It’s a small step, but I can already tell it’s making a HUGE difference in my life.

What are you doing to make a difference in how you start your day?