My One Word 2014

one word

One word.

A new kind of resolution.

A promise to live life fully.

To be challenged.

To be changed.

For the last several years, I have pushed myself to find the One Word that would define my year. I have prayed over and thought about and reflected on my life to see where I had been and where I would go next. In 2013, my One Word was “Ready.” And boy, did 2013 challenge me to live up to that word. In every way, I was challenged to answer the call on my life as yes, I am READY instead of No, I don’t wanna…which is my normal reaction. When I faced a situation that made me a little frustrated or uncomfortable, I reminded myself that my One Word was READY and I needed to live up to that.

After several weeks of prayer and contemplation, I am ready to talk a little more about my ONE WORD for 2014. For the next 12 months, I want to look at my life through the lens of the word


In 2014, my life is going to look a little different. I have accepted the challenge to be part of the One Girl Retreat Leadership Team as serve as the conference director. Our theme for 2014 is In Pursuit, and once that was decided, the word has quickly become something that has become a mantra for my decisions. Life is about the pursuit – of God, of relationships and community, of a life that makes a difference. So, 2014 is based on Pursuit. My “theme verse” for this year’s journey is this: This is what the Lord says to Israel: Seek me and live. (Amos 5:4). So simple and yet so profound: seek me and live.

I have a not very unique ability to make life very complicated. I can over-think everything and look at it through a complicated lens of how it will affect everyone I have ever met. I can go through a hundred different situations and worries and end up doing nothing because there are too many variables (most of which I have created myself). I pursue everything to but most simple and freeing path possible: seek Him and live.

In 2014, I want to begin the process of living in Pursuit of this simple idea – to seek God in all I do and to find my life and joy in that pursuit. I will pursue a God who loves me so much that he chose to pursue me first. I will pursue a God who wants me to live a simple life in partnership with him. I will pursue a life that brings people closer to the real God I love, not the over-sensationalized and over-criticized version of Him that is everywhere these days. I will pursue a God who doesn’t want me to get complacent in my life and not pursue what is next. I want to live a life of excitement where my great pursuit is to simply seek Him. And in seeking Him, may I truly learn to live.


  1. My word this year is MOMENTS. I want to see the workings of God in all my moments instead of waiting for the big “God moments.” I want to stop waiting for the amazing, for the warm fuzzy feelings and see what He is doing in the minutia of my days.

  2. This is great Emily – Mike is my pastor and friend – SOOO excited to see you embracing and sharing My One Word. I’m doing a challenge on my site and asking folks to share their stories – would love to share yours!

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