Sometimes I think my life is hard and/or complicated.  I have a lot of plates spinning at all times, and it’s hard to keep them from crashing down around me.  I feel like I have a lot going on, and that I’m too tired and too stressed sometimes…and then I talk to people that have it so much harder than me and realize that I am a lucky and blessed girl.

Two friends have a child that is very sick.  The doctors don’t really know what is going on, other than his lungs are really bad. They are back at Riley again this weekend, and their precious child’s prognosis and diagnosis and treatment seem to change from moment to moment.  They are the strongest people I have ever met.  They have been dealing with this situation for awhile now, and have always been honest with what is happening from moment to moment.  I love being able to check their CaringBridge site an not seeing updates.  It always makes my heart sink a little when I see a new entry; it’s never good news.

In their situation, I’m not sure I would be able to hold it together as well as they are, or even continue to have the faith and confidence that they have.  They amaze me, as does their little one.  Tonight, at this moment, they don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.  They know he is very sick, and they know the doctors are looking at taking some pretty big next steps.  Please, if you pray, pray for this dear family.  They have a CaringBridge site and are pretty open with what is happening, but I have chosen to keep their names private at this time.  We serve a big God who doesn’t need names to work miracles, and I am convinced they could use a miracle in their life right about now.

Reading their story really puts the little moments of frustration and inconveniences I have to deal with on occasion in complete perspective.  If they can find joy and grace and faith and moments of laughter in the middle of a struggle like this, I can find it in my everyday, normal life.  Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that you’re a small piece of a bigger picture.