I haven’t been thinking in long, complicated thoughts lately. so, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that my blog isn’t full of them either. But, just to catch you up, here are some random thoughts from my head.

I’ve been battling some stomach/something SOMETHING for about 6-7 weeks now. I’m so tired of feeling like poo every time I eat or drink something. I know part of it is stress from the dog and getting adjusted to our new life, but not all of it. Bloodwork and ultrasound have turned up nothing, so now it’s off to do another test. Good times. I sure wish my body would stop hating me, though. That’s all.

We took madison to the vet this morning because she also has had some upset tummy issues. Vet said she was fine. And, at 11 weeks, she weighs 3.2 lbs. She is going to be a HUGE chihuahua. I asked the vet if she thought she would be 7-8 lbs, and she said that would probably be right. WOW. I know that’s still really small, but it’s a couple pounds bigger than the breed standard. Apparently all my concerns about her food intake are not important.

My husband continues to amaze me daily with his love for me, for madison, and for life in general. He is an amazing, caring and compassionate man and I cannot believe I get to call him my love for the rest of my life. He has been a rock of reassurance and happiness in the puppy transition. I know this is a whole new world for him, and seeing how attached he is to Madison makes my heart smile.

Life is slowly becoming less consumed with the dog and more normal. granted, it will be a good six months to a year before we feel comfortable letting her out of her pen all the time, etc, but she’s already maturing a lot.

I don’t think about her ALL day EVERY day, so I think that’s healthy.

I miss my family a lot these days. Miss my mom, my brothers, my sister, my stepdad, my stepmom, the extended family…not sure why, just a phase, I guess.

What about you, what’s going on in your world?


  1. I had stomach problems a few years ago and was diagnosed with gastritis, which means my stomach walls were irritated and inflamed. My Dr. said some people just produce more acid and I'm one of the lucky ones. I've been on Prevacid ever since. Just a thought, but he did say my issue was related a lot to stress also.(Which I just saw on the news this morning that Prevacid is only supposed to be a 6-8 week medicine.)It's great to hear the puppy is doing so well. I've enjoyed following her progress. 🙂

  2. A puppy tip that may or may not help you: We started letting Poncho out of his crate at night. We put his crate in our bedroom with the crate door open. That way he could get out, but he had limited space to roam.Then we worked our way up to the whole house and now he stays out all day long and he does fantastic!

  3. Your blog is so beautiful!! (i haven't been here in a long time…)I very much can relate to your "I sure wish my body would stop hating me…" statement. I have said that exact same thing at times in my past. I empathize with you.love meagan

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