Review: 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit

Woman Who Doesn't Quit

The truth is, we’ve all had things we’ve quit. But, why?

I loved this quick read that will leave you thinking long after you put down the book. 5 Habits is Nicki’s journey through being a quitter to someone to rely on. She uses the Biblical examples of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz to put her 5 habits in perspective and help her readers have context for her advice.

Reading this book was a little like looking into my own life story. I have definitely quit a few things in my life, and Nicki helped me realize what I was quitting and, more importantly, WHY I can be a quitter. When the going gets hard, how do you react? Do you step up to the challenge, or do you quit and look for something safer? Nicki reminds us time and time again that the world is a crazy, disappointing place and true grit and determination is revealed when a woman refuses to give up and quit.

With grace and humility, Nicki uses examples from her own life to help her readers see the character of a woman who is being transformed from a quitter to a doer.

  • Habit 1: Accept the assignment of refinement
  • Habit 2: Follow through with commitments despite how you feel
  • Habit 3: Stay open to the movement of God
  • Habit 4: Give others what you need.
  • Habit 5: Move forward in faith.

    If you’re ever quit something, or wanted to quit something, and you’re not even sure why, this is the book for you! Highly recommend for all the women I know who are constantly trying to be pinterest perfect.