Review: Cirque Dreams Holidaze


Music. Magic. Mayhem.

It’s always hard to define and review a Cirque show. They are a little bit of everything – acrobatics, aerials, juggling, feats of strength, dance, music, mystery – you get the drift. They defy definition and require you to just sit back and enjoy. Much like other Cirque shows I’ve seen, Cirque brings my favorite parts of the circus to the stage (and none of the stuff I hate).

Holidaze is a fast-paced experience for the whole family. Visually stimulating and maybe a little overwhelming, Holidaze jumps from act to act with abandon, rarely allowing the audience members to catch their breath between them. Based on Christmas ornaments from the creator’s own collection, Holidaze is full of light, whimsy and good old-fashioned (or is it new-fashioned?) fun.

The first act highlights for me were the roller skaters on the world’s tiniest skating rink, the jump roping reindeer and the flipping gingerbread men. If that makes no sense, you should really just see the show! Each act is just a few minutes long, but no two are exactly alike. The only time the action lagged for me was during the audience participation bell ringing. Funny at first, it went on a bit too long for me.

The second act starts with maybe the weakest act of the night, but it’s soon forgotten when the toy soldier works the slack rope expertly, the hilarious penguins (maybe I’m a little biased) stack and climb to seemingly impossible heights and the aerialists take to the sky for a beautiful accompaniment to one of the most haunting renditions of, “O, Holy Night” I have heard in a long time.

All in all, Cirque Dreams Holidaze is exactly what you’d expect from a Cirque tour. It’s fast-paced, family-friendly and visually stunning. You worry a little bit for the performers, wonder how they can make their bodies do THAT and find yourself sitting back and enjoying the experience.

Thanks to Broadway in Indianapolis for the tickets to last night’s performance of Cirque Dreams Holidaze! The show is running through December 20, 2015. Tickets can be purchased at