Review: Quarter Life Calling

When I first started reading “Quarter Life Calling,” I wasn’t sure I would fit the demographic. I’m decidedly out of my twenties and heading quickly to my forties. I feel like I’ve more than surpassed my quarter life! That said, I was so glad that I picked it up and read it anyway.

This book is not just for twenty-sometimes looking for purpose in their life. “Quarter Life Calling” is about finding your purpose and place in a crazy, hectic world. It’s a book about finding your “sweet spot” and looking to make a lasting impact, not only in your circle of influence, but to those beyond your immediate reach.

“Quarter Life Calling” is a rallying cry for a generation that is often categorized as passive, entitled and lacking passion. Instead “Quarter Life Calling” asks readers to find that spot – the place where your passion, abilities and experiences intersect – and then DO SOMETHING in that space.

Author Paul Sohn is unapologetic in his challenge that millennials can and should be changing, challenging and captivating the world. Sohn is a writer who offers practical, easy steps while still saying “what’s next” to his readers.

“Quarter Life Calling” is a great book for college grads, wandering souls, and those just looking to make a change.

After all, imagine a world where everyone worked and improved in their sweet spot. How different would you be if your job wasn’t a J-O-B, but instead the true calling of your life?