Right and Easy

“Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” Snape, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

So I saw an online teaser for the new Harry Potter movie that will be coming out this winter. As the black screen fades, you hear a voice say the above quote. And honestly, it just stuck with me. How many times in life do we face that exact dilemma…How often is the ‘right’ thing the harder thing to do?? It seems like it’s that way more times than not. It’s like the whole “I’d love to, but that would really cut into my sitting around time” argument – sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it’s apathy, and sometimes it’s fear that keeps us from doing the right thing instead of the easy thing.

I have a feeling this is especially true when it comes to being a Christian and following what God leads us to do. Think of Jesus on the cross – the right thing to do was definitely the hardest thing to do-and the disciples took the easy way out and ran instead of standing up for Christ and standing in the gap with Him. And then I look at my life. There have been so many times when I’ve done the easy thing and not confronted people about their faith or not talked about my beliefs because it was easier to stay silent than to stand up for what is right. I hope that changes…strike that, I pray that changes in my life. Oh how I long to be the person who does the right thing, even when it’s hard. I long to be the person that stands up for God when it’s hard and stays steady in my faith when it would be easier to hide behind my own fears.

Don’t get me wrong, the right v. easy argument is more than just a Christian ideal, but as I long to find more of my identity in Christ, it becomes what I see the most. My friend Liz has a friend that has been in the middle of that dilemma for awhile now–he had to choose between the right thing and the easy thing and he chose the right thing. I don’t know him, I honestly don’t know that I’d recognize him if he walked up to me and started a conversation, but my heart aches for what he is going through. If I knew him, I’d hug him tight and say nothing.

I admire people that do the right thing when it’s hard – Liz, Jenny, Rene, Jason, Paul,…the list goes on and on.

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  1. quoting Emily: “and the disciples took the easy way out and ran instead of standing up for Christ” …. That makes me so sad when I consider how Jesus might have felt at those times…then I get annoyed at the disciples for acting that way… then I remember that it’s practically 100% positive that I would have ran away had I been a disciple at that time too… then I feel extra sad because of my loser-ness traits… then I remember that, amazingly, wonderfully, grace-full-y, Jesus forgave me and still loves me and actually wants to love me. Wow.Thanks, Emily, for reminding me of these thoughts!love meagan

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