Shades of Gray

It seems that the world outside has become shades of gray with splashes of color on occasion. With the exception of a little sunshine earlier this week, it has been overcast, dark, and gloomy outside. I hate it. I love fall, and I love the way the season’s change, but this dreariness must stop. It affects my mood, I’ll be honest. When the sun is shining, I get energy and motivation and excitement flowing in every pore. When it is dreary, like it has been so often, I am tired and I want to do little except rest and relax and sleep.

Despite the lack of motivation brought on by the weather, I am trying to accomplish something in my life!

I have been taking some positive steps toward writing more as of late. I have entered a couple magazing idea articles for consideration, I have joined a freelancewriting site to hopefully drum up some business, and I have been working hard on Claudia’s book to try and get that going again. It is a difficult process, but one I know I will enjoy. Hopefully I will get some positive feedback soon, since we all know how important someone saying ‘yes, i want you to do this’ is. I am reminded of why I love to write; it’s from Stephen King’s “On Writing…”

“Life isn’s a support system for writing. It’s the other way around.”

If you haven’t read the book and enjoy either King or writing at all, I would highly suggest it, for one reason. It is not just about style and grammar (although those are important parts of the book). It is about passion and doing what you love and having someone there who believes in you enough encourage you to do it, no matter how small the chances of success may be.

I am lucky to not just have one of these type of people in my life, but several, all of whom believe in me and encourage me. I know how rare that is, so to them I am grateful.

In other news, I recenly reconnected with an old e-friend. I am looking forward to catching up and sharing our stories.