So Sick

How sick was Tim last night?

So Sick.

It made me so sad to see the man I love, the man I would move heaven and earth for if I could, so sick he could barely move – so tired he could barely sit up – so hot he felt like he was baking. And, really, there was nothing I could do. I got him water and asprin, and put a cold washcloth on his head – but still – it made my poor heart hurt to see him so sad, sick, and just mopey. After the medicine kicked in and he was able to sleep, he felt a little better last night and a little better still this morning. I am praying he feels more like his old self by this afternoon.

I am also praying that whatever he has I don’t get. I am not feeling well, but am trying to convince myself that it is psycho-somatic and I am not really sick – just worried about the possibility of GETTING sick. We’ll see…only time can tell, right?

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  1. And welcome to the “two become one…in sickness and in health” part. Isn’t it amazing how much we need each other? He was made for you and you for him, just don’t get too close right now!

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