Sometimes I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if we

complimented instead of criticized
loved instead of judged
built people up instead of tearing them down
said thank you instead of give me more
were gracious instead of selfish
gave instead of took
chose kindness over cruelty
believed the best instead of the worst
laughed instead of cried
trusted instead of hid
believed instead of questioned

Sometimes I wonder how much the world would change if we

accepted love more
gave love more
said kinder things
kept our negativity to ourselves
told people they mattered more
loved without conditions
let go of our baggage for good
risked more than we thought we could

Sometimes I wonder how much I would change the world if I

laughed more.
accepted myself more.
said the kind thing instead of the right thing.
let go of hurts.
believed that I could change the world.
accepted that life is here to be lived.
wanted less of others and more of myself.


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