Strangely Free

So recently the email server at work was moved to a new server. Now, I understand NOTHING of the computer science/talk behind such a move. It did not affect me at work one bit. When I started my ‘new job’ at the church last August, I said I didn’t want a Blackberry – I just don’t want to be that connected to work, right? However, that didn’t stop me from checking my work email from home at least once a day and then on the weekends. Why? I don’t know. It’s not like I can DO anything about any of my emails on the weekends. But, I still did.

Well, when the email moved this week, the old site I used to use to log on to check my email seems to be no longer effective. So, since 6:00 last night, I have not checked my work messages. (Not for lack of trying to see if it worked, but still).

And, what have I discovered? I am free. I am a little anxious that there is something in there I should know about, but mostly, I am happy that I haven’t had to worry about it this weekend. Sure, I’m out of the loop, but, you know what? I kind of like being out of the loop. The people that need to have my cell phone number have it – if there was an emergency that needed my attention, they would call. And, guess what? I am still SOOO glad I rejected the lure of the Blackberry!

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