#MADMlinkup: take care of you

Some days, like today, I just don’t have the words I want to say. I want to write a beautiful, eloquent, challenging post for Make a Difference Monday. But, I just keep sitting here, staring at the blank page and not knowing what to say. I have a few ideas for coming weeks, but today, I am just blank.

What that tells me is that it’s time for more margin in my life. When I get too busy, I get overwhelmed, and then even the things I love get pushed to the side. I stare at the things I usually love to do and then I just don’t do them. Therein is the message for today, then: make time and space in your life.

Make time for friendships.
Make time for coffee dates.
Make time to date the one you love.
Make time to breathe.
Make time to laugh.
Make time to cry.

Make time to say no.
Make time to just be.

Those last two are the hardest ones for me. I hate to say no to people. I hate to disappoint. And I have a really hard time just taking time for me. I always feel guilty, like there is something more I should be doing (laundry, cleaning, organizing, reading, writing, working, studying…) and that I should be taking care of Tim and Madi and not myself. Then I have to remind myself that being still and silent is okay. That rejuvenating my soul makes me a better spouse, a better dog owner, a better friend, a better employee a better…human.

So here are the questions to ponder for this week’s #MADMlinkup: What do you need to do to create margin in your life? How do you already create margin? Why is taking time for ourselves so hard?

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