Technology Hates Me

This has been my day.

My alarm clock has decided that what it really wants to do is run approximately 20 minutes fast. I reset it again on Sunday and this morning it was a FULL 20 minutes ahead of where it should be.

I get to work and my computer is off. This is odd because I know I left it on and just locked last night. So…I turn it on. Instead of booting, it says,

“Alert. Computer shut down due to thermal event.”

That’s right. THERMAL event. It then gives option–press F1 to start anyway. Press F2 for options. I press F1. I get to the start regular or start in safe mode screen. I select regular. The computer shuts down. I turn it on again, get the same ALERT! and selected safe mode. The computer shuts down. Again. Charlie, the computer guy, calls Dell and a new motherboard and a nice man to install it will be here tomorrow…hopefully morning, but could be afternoon. This is not a problem, really. The only thing I really ‘lost’ maybe was my Itunes stuff…so if anyone knows how to get that back, I’d love some input. Everything else was pretty much on the network…the pictures that were on the hard drive, I have on my computer at home, for the most part.

On top of it all, I had an eye appointment today and they dilated my eyes…and they still hurt. Annoying.

The good news is my new printer for my office came. So, if my computer gets fixed, at least the printer will stop eating everything I try to send to it.

What a day!