The After Christmas Life

There is always something so depressing about the week after Christmas. All of the excitement and expectation that comes with the holiday season is over, and you’re left with a house that suddenly feels a little too cluttered. Or at least I am.

How was your Christmas? Mine was fantastic. I got great gifts, as always, but just being with my family and surrounded by the people I love was…priceless. Being with my family is such an invigorating experience. I love being near them, holding them, and loving them. I love laughing with them and listening to their voices as they talk about life, the pets, and everything in between. I love that we’re close and that my fourteen year old brother will still give me a hug in front of his friends when I leave to head back to Bloomington. There is something about not showering, not getting dressed, and not doing anything on Christmas that is so appealing to me. We don’t leave the house. We don’t get dressed. We just enjoy being together.

I am so excited for next year–to be married and to be part of something that fantastic. It will be strange maybe not being at my mom’s house on Christmas morning, but I know that we will always be together and we will always be family. No matter when we celebrate it will be special.

Wedding plans are going well. I actually BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS when I was home. I wasn’t planning on doing it this early-i know i have months and months to wait still, but I found the perfect dress that made me feel like Princess Emily. It will be in toward the end of March. I can’t wait. Unfortunately it will just be around until July or August when I start doing fittings, but still….one more thing done. We need to do food and flowers and we meet with the photographer guy tomorrow at 11. I like getting stuff done, but I don’t want to get it done too fast, because then i’ll just be twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the day to arrive!

Anyway, this is a short week at work and I’m glad. I’m getting a lot done because no one is here, but I also am still not real motivated to work real hard. Hopefully that will change, because January is a crazy month for me!

So, there’s the update. I think I will download some more songs onto the brand new happy pink IPOD and then call it a day.

Oh yeah…maybe I should work some more, too!