The One Where I Learn To Breathe Again

Trust me, the fact that I have not blogged since JULY is not lost on me, either. There are several reasons why that could be, but they can be summed up in one word: TIME.  My time has been not my own for months, now. Work has been insane. Life has been insane. Everything has been insane.

Plus, I realized that maybe I was over-sharing on my blog when the first thing I always wanted to do was blog about the things happening in my world, even if they were more private. So, I took a step back. I lived my crazy summer and early fall.  And now, here it is almost November. Maybe I’ll try and write daily again. But, probably not.

I think I’m crazy enough to consider NaNoWriMo again. Because I definitely Do NOT have time for that…which makes it more exciting somehow. We celebrated an anniversary. I went to an awesome conference. I am going on a cruise next weekend. Thirty-One has been good. School is boring. Life is challenging.

Right now, we’ll just see if anyone notices I’m back…or that I was even gone at all.


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