The Story

Lately the idea of living the Story that is life seems to be coming at me from all angles.  Books I read talk about the Story.  Sermons I hear are all about living the bigger story.  Songs on the radio remind me that my life is just a series of events that are a Story.  Because it seems to be everywhere, I finally have found the passion to blog again and will probably share several thoughts in several blogs about this Story called life.

It all started a few weeks ago.  I was reading a book called The Aedyn Chronicles that my friend Janet had picked up at a book show.  It’s a children/YA book in the same genre as The Chronicles of Narnia.  I really enjoyed the book a lot, but didn’t make it 50 pages in before I came across this passage:

“‘…For there is a greater story – a deeper story.  A story which rules all stories.  And a story of which you are a part.’ 

Julia began to think that someone had made a very big mistake.  

‘I’m not…Gaius, I’m not the chosen one.  Peter and I…’

‘Who are you to say, my dear, whether or not you are meant for great things?‘”

That’s a lot to take in, especially barely through the first section of a book that was written for people much younger than I.  So I read it, and I thought a lot about what it was saying.  How often in my life had I thought that my life wasn’t all that special, and that I am not meant for anything great?  How often have I settled for just enough and hoped that would see me through?  How often have I let my life determine my story instead of writing a better one myself?

All of these thoughts, and a great message by my friend CJ at church last week, led me once again to Don Miller’s books.  More thoughts on that tomorrow…


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