This is the Stuff of Which Dreams Are Made

The moments leading up to the actual wedding ceremony were then and remain now to be a blur. I remember getting the pictures taken and hanging out for a few minutes in the bridal room. I remember Darlene coming and telling us that it was time to line up. i remember standing around the corner, with my stepdad, waiting for our entrance. And then, suddenly, it was time.

Tim and the boys entered after the grandparents and mothers. And yes, they did enter to “heavy action” which is the official name of the theme to Monday Night Football. It made me laugh and it was actually a lot of fun. there were light cues and everthing!

Once Tim and the boys entered, my girls started their processional (Canon in D). As my MOH entered, the doors were closed and my stepdad and I took our places. I could hear the opening strains of Trumpet Voluntary, and the doors opened.

There are no words to explain the emotions that i felt at that moment. I couldn’t focus fast enough. Watching Tim, looking at the hundreds of people that came to celebrate with us, trying to pay some sort of attention to all the details. drinking in the faces and smiles. yeah, i’ll be honest. i cried. I was very emotional, but so excited. Getting to the bottom of the aisle, i watched Tom, held on to both of my parents, and looked at the man who was just moments away from being my husband.

The ceremony began and it was oh so beautiful. Words cannot really describe what I was feeling. I tried my best to remember every moment that I could about the ceremony, but it went by so quickly. I remember being so very happy and I remember just beaming from ear to ear the entire time. Tim was nervous, I could tell that. I tried to keep my tears under control, or at least down to a minimum! The music was amazing. All three people we had sing were amazing. Our friends Jason and Tessa sang “All I Ask of You.” I remember looking into his eyes as we recited our vows. I remember Tim holding my hands so tight as vowed to love, honor, and cherish me. As we lit the unity candle, Liz sang “How Beautiful” and Tim kept joking with me to keep me from totally losing it again. Then, in just a flicker of time, Tom was pronouncing us man and wife.

Tim kissed me, his wife, for the first time. And we were married! It was so wonderful!

We finished up our pictures and went to the reception, which was also so much fun. Seeing all those people who loved us and cared for us and came from near and far to celebrate with us was such a blessing!