Thoughts for the Road

I have started my weight loss blog and have been writing my thoughts and food intake on it. Check it out and let me know what you think. 🙂

In other news, I hate ants. They keep coming back in our kitchen and it’s about to make me crazy and/or cry. I hate them crawling. I hate them where I need to be preparing the healthy food I’m supposed to be eating. I hate them taking up space and making me feel like a dirty housekeeper. I know ants have nothing to do with the way our apartment looks, but still…. so i called the apartment people AGAIN today. Hopefully they’ll get something taken care of soon.

I’m going to see Harry Potter tomorrow. I’m excited. I’m very sad that I’m not seeing it with Liz, but glad there were still people who didn’t have their plans finalized that I could tag along with!

I get to see my friends Paul & Abigail this weekend and am SO excited.

My mommy is coming down next week. I love my mom and I cannot WAIT to spend a few days with her, and have a couple much-needed days of vacation.

these are just what i’m thinking about right now…and now time to work!


  1. Here are my thoughts:*Need to lose weight too, but don’t want to diet.*Hate ants. Love aunts.*Love the Steiners. Hope to see them when they return.*Love my mommy.*Miss you.;)

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