Thoughts on Christmas

To think of how it could have been, if Jesus had come as He deserved
There would have been no Bethlehem, no lowly shepherds at His birth
4Him (A Strange Way to Save the World)

When I really sit and think about it, Christmas just amazes me. God could have chosen any other way to make Himself known on Earth. He could have foretold any prophesy – that He would come as a King, as something Unique unto the world. God could have set the stage from the beginning for our salvation to require so much pain and work. And, honestly, He should have.

He should have come in majesty;
A King to which all others bow.

He should have come with authority;
Words spoken to humble us all.

He should have been recognized;
His Glory revealed without doubt.

He should have been Everything;
The world following His very step.

Instead He came in infancy;
Leaving behind His only home.

Instead He came dependently;
Choosing to put His life in our hands.

Instead He came unassumingly;
No one recognized His face;

Instead He came without anything;
And still He chose to take my place.

During this Christmas season, take the time in the middle of your shopping, wrapping and partying to remember that God could have come to His world in any number of ways. But He chose to come as a babe in a manger; He chose to live humbly, live lovingly and make His mark on the hearts of those He loves. God could have required something more than obedience and trust and love – but instead He asks only that we love Him, love His world and follow wherever He may lead. To me, His willingness to ask so little of us (in so many ways) is the greatest gift of all.

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