To Audition or Not to Audition….

….that is the question.

I received an email today that says open auditions for the next MCCT production are tonight and tomorrow night at the library. Funny, considering I was going to the library tonight anyway…and i do miss acting. But I also know that one of my goals was to volunteer less this year – and will adding a production hinder that?!? And what are the chances I’d even get cast as an unknown person in the community theater world? And why do I feel the need to overthink this whole process so much?

Auditions are a good way to practice your skills and to get your face out there in the community. Auditions are a good way to meet people outside of your normal circle of friends and collegues. Auditions are a win-win situation.

And, honestly, my reasons for not auditioning are kind of silly – so maybe I will audition after all….


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