Writing a New Story

As I was getting ready to leave for Storyline, there was another story being written. I was making plans to meet a good friend of mine for dinner with her husband at some point that weekend. Or, at least, I wanted to see them while we were there (even though they only live about 90 minutes north of me).  At the last-minute, I got a text message stating they wouldn’t be making it to Storyline after all. They were in the hospital. After a moment of panic, I realized why they were there. They were finally getting to meet the child that would be theirs. After so many years of hoping, wishing, praying, crying and sacrificing, they would get to be parents. I was beside myself with joy for them.

No one can tell the story better than Lindsay herself. You can read her first post-Quinn blog here.


In the little time I’ve known Lindsay, she has shaped me deeply. She has reminded me that it’s okay to be afraid, and that embracing those fears make us stronger. She’s believed in me enough to encourage me to dare to be something more than I am now and reach toward what’s next. She’s taught me to have faith, deep, abiding faith, that God has a bigger story going on around us. She’s taught me that being vulnerable is the key to being authentic and that true friendships are born from a place that is beyond understanding on a human level. She has taught me how to be more me.

I am so thankful that their Storyline now includes a child that will be loved, challenged and changed by his parents. I am thankful that this new beginning is just the first day of a great story – a story that won’t be fully told for generations, of a couple that dared to believe that God would change everything for them. Because, He did.