Your Story Matters


This is the first of what I am sure will be several posts on the amazing 48 hours that was the Donald Miller Storyline Conference I recently attended in Nashville. It’s probably good that I’ve had a week to distance myself from the conference and not completely freak out about it. I needed a little bit of time to process and step away from what was one of the most impactful and meaningful conferences I’ve ever attended.

My first notes from the very first speaker on Saturday morning say this:

What would the world be missing without your story? When you hear someone’s story it is hard to hate them. If you want the world to change, do it. Make it happen.

That was the first 15 minutes.
Yeah. Talk about a lot to digest.

In just those first few minutes, I knew something without a doubt. I have been living my life on the fringes of my story. Instead of living with wild abandon the story God would have me tell, I have just shown enough of who I am to make myself feel safe without showing enough to really risk being hurt and being vulnerable.

That changes now. 

Won’t you join me as I process through the next few weeks, the Storyline Book, and what it means to really, truly live the story of my life?!?