I’m Emily

Hi! I am so glad you’re here and visiting my little piece of the world.

I’m a 30-something blogger, writer, reader, actress, non-profit worker and future librarian making a life in south-central Indiana with my husband and dog. When I’m not at my day job (Business & Communications director), I spend my days writing, reading and helping other people find books they love. I’m a sister, wife, daughter, aunt and friend to many.  I’m passionate about following your dreams and believe that as long as you’re still breathing, God’s not done with you yet.

I come by my love of reading honestly – I don’t remember a day or time when my parents didn’t have a book in their hands. No matter what was going on, it was easy to escape into a different world. I remember the fist time I journeyed with Alice down the rabbit hole. I remember those crazy babysitter’s club kids keeping the kids safe and solving mysteries/crimes. I remember the prairie with Laura, Mary and Pa. I remember taking a stand with Mother Abagail as the war got ready to let loose. I remember Jo and her sisters. I remember falling in love for the first time with a character. I remember the first time a book broke my heart. And, as I grew, my love of reading was only overshadowed by my love of writing. (Heck, if you’re lucky, maybe I will show you the very first book I ever wrote). Every character and story I read made me want to create worlds of my own.

As an adult, my passion for reading has steadily grown. I’m like my mother in many ways, including how I am now rarely without a book to read and a world that I can escape into at a moment’s notice.

So, while I cannot promise that I will blog every day, I can promise that when I do blog, it won’t be a waste of your time to read. Join me as I explore the power of the written word, both as a writer and as a reader. I will help you find new books you love and maybe even discover some of your favorites all over again. Don’t think you’re a reader? Please, ask me to find a book you’ll love. I will do my best! Don’t be surprised if you hear a little bit about live theater and using your influence to change the world, too.

So, join me as I explore what it means to be a reader and a writer in the 21st century.


  1. First, my heartfelt and humble apology, please forgive my temporary loss of consideration and understanding. When I have the blues, I read your blogs and your cheerfulness tends to give my heart a much needed lift. You have a gift Emily, and you have no idea how many times your writings have lifted me out of a very dark place that sometimes overwhelms. I look forward to reading your first novel. I wish I could have held onto the faith that sustains your soul, maybe with your help I can get some of it back. You’re my sweet, loving niece and I love you with all my heart.

  2. Emily, I picked your WordPress blog from the list published at Jeff Goins’ 500 Words a Day Challenge. So far I’ve just read your introductory comments and the post for yesterday. I like your writing style: you are a thoughtful writer and you take time to review your writing before posting, so it’s not filled with careless errors in spelling and punctuation as is common with so many bloggers today. I’ve been writing most of my life (and I’m about twice your age) but I’m going to get serious about launching my blog. I’ll be coming back to your website as I strive to create my own. Thanks!

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